TCNJ Association for Music Production and Discussion

AMPD is for anyone with a craving for making music. The Association for Music Production and Discussion is a group of enthusiastic students with the means to create. Play an instrument and want to make a record? AMPD has access to recording studios on campus. Want to play in a concert, singing your own material? AMPD puts on concerts every semester, showcasing TCNJ's very own musical talent!

AMPD meets once a week in the IMM building. New members are always welcome! For more on our studios, check out our facilities page!

Wednesdays 11:30-1:00 @ IMM 219 ~ Join us for our podcast recording sessions!

Keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and events.


  • Nov 19 - Hallo!

    Welcome to the new website. More content to come soon.

  • Nov 19 - HTML5 IS SO SHINY

    So for those wondering, last night a good chunk of the eboard got together and hacked away at the club website. And… voila! I have...